The Elijah Fund

Michael Elijah Hawley was a beautiful, joyful soul with a heart for helping others. He lost his battle on this Earth, but his wish to assist others in their struggles will endure through The Elijah Fund

Elijah supported the work of his loving mother, Mel Hawley, who strives to bring awareness to the plight of those who are being politically persecuted and prosecuted by their own government, without due process, while enduring the stripping of their human rights. Her work is powered by both her desire to protect the Constitution of the country she loves, and protecting her children and grandchildren from future tyranny.

This fund was initiated by Mel and two of Elijah’s best friends, Austin and Griffin, who know Elijah loved helping others whenever he was able. Elijah was skilled with his hands and mind, yet lost his battle with addiction.

As a result of the persecution and prosecution of J6 defendants, many families have lost their jobs and college opportunities. The stress, financial hardships, family division, and fear of what the future may bring have led to depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicide for those awaiting outcomes and those finishing sentences and starting over.

100% of The Elijah Fund donations will go to qualified J6 defendant applicants (including their children or spouses) to cover costs of vocational school attendance and/or drug/alcohol counseling. The Elijah Fund will provide the foundation for the #J6RoadHome program within Americans for Justice, INC – a program dedicated to meeting the Residence, Emotional Support, Family, Work, and Re-Entry needs of all J6 Defendants.

In lieu of flowers, please consider either a One-Time or Monthly donation to carry on the memory of Elijah and help lift up our downtrodden American brothers and sisters when all else seems hopeless.