About Us

jus·​tice | \ ˈjə-stəs \ plural justices
“The process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Americans for Justice, Inc is a non-partisan alliance assisting American citizens who have been wrongfully persecuted at the hands of the federal government.  The organization was started in the aftermath of January 6th in response to the hundreds of US Citizens who have had their civil rights ignored and their once normal lives turned upside down. 

Here at Americans For Justice, Inc we firmly believe that fundamental to Life, Liberty, and Freedom is JUSTICE. This is NOT to be confused with “Social Justice”, which inherently can be INJUSTICE, or a form of Vigilantism.

The greatest threat to JUSTICE is CORRUPTION. The greatest fight within our generation is unfolding before our very eyes, simultaneously on many fronts: