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Support the OFFICIAL Convoy to Save America

American truckers and citizens stand in solidarity with Canadians against ALL mandates. Americans need to get to our northern border ASAP to support the Canadian Convoy, especially at the Detroit and Buffalo/Niagara border. Once the Canadians are successful we will lead the convoy to Washington DC.
We need financial help to pay for gas, food, and supplies for those of us making the trip to the border and then to DC. We appreciate everyone who can donate at whatever level you can afford. We The People must join our American Truckers in convoy to DC to take a stand against all unconstitutional government overreach!
Your donations will allow many more people and families the opportunity to participate and greatly increase the likelihood of the American Truck Convoy being successful. ALL American and Canadian mandates must be ended NOW! We must stand firmly in opposition to these crimes against humanity to end mandates across the entire continent and world!

The time to act was yesterday.