By Edward Jacob Lang

Political Hostage #376444

GSG Campaign:

They cut off my phone again…unbearable tyranny, lack of justice and due process violations here in DC GITMO.

Americans need to do something!!!

I have no access to my attorney or family and LOCKED in a cell for 24 hours a day for rejecting a Covid test. They have robbed me of every shred of humanity and stolen my voice.  My precious first amendment is 100% GONE! They have silenced me in every possible way.

Totalitarian regime torturing patriotic prisoners on America soil, down the street from the Capitol of this once great Republic.  Disgusted with my treatment doesn’t even begin to explain it. Dogs in kennels have more rights then I do. I haven’t even been found guilty of a crime!!

They have accused me of a crime, thrown me in a dungeon for over a year, cut me off from my family with ZERO visits, taken my voice to talk to the media and my family, denied me access to even talk to my attorney, and stuck me in solitary confinement for MONTHS at a time with no human contact. 

Once they threw me in the hole for 3 months for saying a patriotic speech!! They have pepper sprayed me for asking for Bible study!! They have punched me in the gut for singing the national anthem!!! This is America if you are a Trump supporter or conservative!!! They want to do this to all the moms who stand up at school board meetings!!

But STILL, God is a present help in all danger and gives me hope and strength, come now LORD.  Our only hope is you Jesus. You are a faithful God and will not forsake me.